Winter Miles

The off-season usually starts out with a round of celebratory drinking, followed by binging on various holiday treats and more beer.  December starts, you start the feel doughy and you realize that the Mason Lake WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are just around the corner.  Time to get on the bike.

The team has been logging a lot of miles, burning through pounds of fat, and destroying more tubes than necessary.  We usually head out from the Solstice coffee shop by 9:30 on weekend mornings and start the peripatetic journies out and around the Sound.  Of late, we’ve discovered the Snohomish bakery, a spot where you can dig into some calories and caffeine without offending the locals.  Black Diamond is another destination.  The bakery there has wonderous cinnamon rolls, the lure of which often gets you through the misery of a cold, wet ride.  Last weekend was an exception to the rule of the  cinnamon roll.  41 and rain, with the prospect of 40 more miles, was enough to keep us on the bikes.  I think Geoff was disappointed, and I can’t blame him.

Racing is just around the corner and we’re getting ready.  We’ve had our power tested, our clothing is just about to arrive in Seattle, and bikes are headed our way.  It’s a long season.  It’s gonna be fun.  There are some big teams that just got bigger.  But trim away the fat of those obese rivals and their frames are weaker than ours.  We come together like voltron.

See you on the road!

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