School’s in session

This Sunday saw the return of the road racing and KR’s first appearance on the road.  The conditions were unseasonably good and the field in the mens race was stacked.  Pros returning to the local peloton and a bunch of strong legs from the competion.  Dux, Spencer, Jamie, Colin, JOD, and Ian lined up for the first suffer-fest.   Jamie recounts his efforts:

The Theory:
Before the race we all circled up and Dux broke down the race to come for us.  Normally the early Mason has a break with the people who want to race take off pretty early and that’s the race.  This year we’ve had a fair bit of decent weather, and the theory was that the better weather would result in more people training and a sportier first Mason with attacks going hot and heavy for a few laps before something actually stuck.

The Reality:
The race started out nice and easy but after about a mile J O’Dizzle launched the first attack.  Colin was in a move that countered, but they came back and a counter went that Mckissick and I bridged up to.  With our arrival the break was Mckissick, Richter, Fleischhauer,Brian Hitchcock from Garage, and an IJM guy (I think it was Dustin Van Wyck).  We started out drilling it pretty hard and got the gap up to two minutes very quickly.  After that we added a minute to the gap every lap with Mckissick and the HSP guys looking strong and IJM and Garage not as much.  With a little over one lap to go McKissick attacked.  I started to chase after him but HSP was chasing hard so I waited for them.  Richter put in a long hard dig and pulled off, Fleischauer followed suit gapping the Garage guy (Van Wyck was gone from the get go).  I attacked figuring they were all a bit blown and I didn’t want to sprint against Richter.  I got a good gap on the three chasing me, made it about 80% of the way to McKissick gave him a yell, and he waited for a second (I was going to get there, he just made it a lot easier and quicker to do so).  As soon as we started working together the three chasers dropped out of sight pretty quickly.  I started getting pretty close to cracked and I knew that if I did my fair share of work McKissick would be able to drop me if he attacked at the right time.  I didn’t want to just suck his wheel for the remainder of the race but I didn’t want to get dropped either so I told him that I would pull through when I could, but wouldn’t contest the finish if he didn’t try to drop me.  He said he’d attack with 1 K to go and we could both roll in from there.  Sounded good to me.

I was worried that I was WAY out of shape after being sick for a bit and throwing out my back for a week, so it was good to see that I’m up in the mix.

Back in the pack, the rest of the team took turns covering every move that tried to go.  Hagens Berman (HB) tried in vain to make up for their failure to get in the early move and they suffered for it.  Despite their numbers, they were left out, like an unpopular bully from the party.   JOD mixed it up in what looked like the best attempt to get a chase group.  Spencer had the ignominy of flatting early and having to chase.  Dux, Colin, and Ian just kept the lid on things.  Back in the pack, the usual insanity of the first pack sprint put the damper down a bit.  Ian took 6th in the sprint–11th overall on the day.  JOD rounded out the day in 20th.

A great debut for the KR boys.  Game’s on.

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