This last weekend saw the KR team head out to Sequim on Saturday for a sunny battle royale, followed by an overcast romp at Mason Lake.  It was a great weekend of racing with some great results from the women and some disappointment for the men.

Quick synopsis to be followed by some more thorough reports.

Tour de Dung

Cheryl had her debut racing with the KR team and made the break of the day, powering away from the group.  In a tough finale she took 2nd to a strong Jennifer Wheeler. Back in the field Tricia took the sprint for fourth, rounding out a good, hard day of work.

The mens race was a fast and furious race from the gun.  Attacks flew off left and right, with KR marking everything but a few moves.  Ian took a queue from Galen and did a little drinking-from-the-bottle attack that started the winning break.  Things were looking real good for KR, as the break of 8 got over a minute on the group.  Fate wouldn’t have it, though.  Ian’s skewer in his rear wheel loosened up and his wheel locked up with a lap left.  By the time the wheel was back on the break was up the road and the team had to scramble.  We got the break back within 10 seconds, but it was just too much.  Frustrating result, but on the plus side, we have the legs to make every move and put the hurt on.

Mason Lake #2


Tricia Bailey took out the first KR win of the season.  She and Cheryl raced on tired legs, but worked over the rest of the mixed field of master men.

On the mens side, our lone emissary in the category 4 mens field suffered a flat tire and managed to go from off the back to off the front.  Karl went head to head with the rest of the pack and snatched 3rd place.  A great result, especially without any teammates.

In the mens race we had another mis-fire.  Dux, Ian, and Jamie hit the line against a medium sized field with 3 teams being well over-represented.  Numbers be damned, the three battled it out and hopped in every break.  Unfortunately a moment’s inattention sent Jamie flying into a ditch after he overlapped his wheel with the guy in front of him.  Dux and Ian waited to see if Jamie was injured and sat out the rest of the race.  Brute that he is, Jamie was pretty much unscathed.  So some bruised bodies and egos for the men this weekend.

Back out to Sequim next weekend and we wrap up Mason lake.  The season’s getting into gear and we’re starting to approach some really fun races that’ll test the legs and showcase the strength of our teamwork.

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