KR Women Eat Fire

Tour de Dung

(Cheryl Thonney reporting)

Saturday was one definitely the hardest “first race of the season” I’ve ever experienced, but it was SO FUN having such an awesome team to work the field over with! We did a little pre-race chat and decided we wanted to be aggressive in the race, we were not going to be the chasers. The attacking started right away, Kele and Tricia went right into it! Attack after attack went off, HB was interesting to watch.  Whenever Tricia would attack, at least two HB girls would follow.  Kele continued to put hurt on the field many miles after she would say “Cheryl, I don’t have much left”. It was AMAZING!!

With two laps to go, Jen W. stood up on the first roller and I just followed. I didn’t really realize we were “attacking” but I looked back to see where Tricia and Kele were in the field, and that was when I realized it was four of us with a bit of a gap. Morgan from the team and another gal from Group Health team. The gal from Group Health got popped on the 2nd roller, and Morgan was already struggling. We ended up loosing Morgan as soon as we hit that head wind on Woodcock Road (Ed. note: this race has the world’s greatest set of roads to race on–Woodcock Road turns into Kitchen Dick Road…) Not long after, we passed the Master Men’s field, and were told we had 55 secs on the field. My race started going down hill (unfortunately not really down hill seeing how that is what I’m good at) on the fourth lap. I learned a few things.  When Jen kept attacking me after my pulls, I should have learned and not kept pulling through.  Of course I pulled through on the uphill section, right before the Woodcock turn and that was when she went around me and I popped. Freaked out that I was going to get caught and let my team down, I kept going and ended up coming in second.  The girls weren’t that far behind and Tricia took 2nd in the field sprint for fourth! From what I heard, Kele was there to offer an awesome lead out, but that corner made it impossible for Tricia to get on her wheel.

As Kele said: We showed up to race, every single one of us gave 110%, and walked away a little disappointed as individuals, but enthusiastic about the team effort. We definitely set the tone for our race. We made a very strong impact and statement: BOOYEAH!

Mason Lake #2

So Sunday I was feeling my legs a bit. Tricia really worked her butt off and deserved her win!! I didn’t have a whole lot to offer her.  She attacked quite a bit, I only did a few attacks. It was my first race with the Master’s Men, and honestly I kinda had a good time, other than the few real sketchy riders. You get a REALLY good draft behind some of those bigger guys!  Going into the second lap we really only had about 8 girls left in the race.  On the final lap, Suz from attacked and Tricia followed, along with Jadine (Group Health) and Jessica Cutler (Cucina Fresca).  They stayed off, and when I figured they had a decent time on us, Gina and I decided to pick up the pace again.  The master men were just going to “roll” in.  The other two girls ended up catching up with us, and from there we did a rolling pace line.  Good thing we picked up our pace because we crossed the finish line right smack in front of the pro 1/2 men’s break. The three gals that were with me really had no interest in sprinting. I gave them fair warning and told them I was going to sprint-I want the practice. So I ended up wining that!  After all the work Tricia did, she still took the sprint at the end! From what the guys told me-she was amazing and freaking powerful!  1st and 5th is a great result for just having 2 people in the race.

Bring it!

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