Mens Tour de Dung #2 — Hyperspeed

This past saturday’s race was a barn burner.  84 miles of constant attacks, counterattacks and few moments of quiet.  We had a great squad of guys out: Jamie, Galen, Colin, JOD, Geoff, and Ian.  We made every move the mattered and kept the pace at a brisk 27 mph average.  It was effing fast.

When it came down for the elastic to snap, we had Jamie in a group of 6, including 4 professionals or ex-professionals.   With about 12 miles left in the race, the group of six had about 45 seconds on the group.  The Garage team and the Bikesale team worked themselves silly, but couldn’t make up the ground.  Cramping badly, Jamie crossed the line in 5th, which gave the KR men the first taste of cash money.  Back in the field, Colin and Ian had a go at the pack sprint and were 4th and 5th.  Not a bad result and definitely a sign that we can tangle with the field the entire race, make every move,  and still put the hammer down in the sprint.

The end of the Dung series means that racing is about to start in earnest.  It seems unbelievable, but we’ve got the Seward Park series starting next week and Independence Valley and Ravensdale are going to punish us well.  We’re aiming for a repeat victory at Indy Valley!

One thought on “Mens Tour de Dung #2 — Hyperspeed

  1. Love it. Great write up. Mike said it was 27.5 mph avg, actually! And thanks for the props to Garage…Good work KR, great start for the season!

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