Saturday in Sequim

The mild temps and light breeze brought a good field for last Sat’s final Sequim race of the year. Another 48 mile, 4 lap race that we know all too well.

Before the race the team car had discussed being more calculated w/ our efforts. We still wanted to be a major contributor to the tone of  the race, but efficiently.  As a team, we also wanted a win.

We did well at being very active, but not anxious. Each rider put in solid, smart moves. We were in every attempt of a break. After a flurry of Christine covering, countered by Cheryl and getting away for a while, then Tricia getting away for even more time, I countered and a group of 7 formed.

Most teams were represented, some w/ multiple riders. We worked well, we were all invested in staying away. On the third lap there was some attacks that shed a few of the riders, and brought the group down to 4. On the last lap, I knew I was running out of gas, and raced as conservatively as possible hoping to save some for a sprint. but, that did not happen, and I was very disappointed w/4th.

Meanwhile, Cheryl, Tricia, and Christine kept a close eye on any potential moves…covering all. A few attempts to bridge were made, but nothing stuck. Cheryl pulled off the longest sprint ever to win the pack sprint! (Christine is on a borrowed bike, that wouldn’t shift into the big ring, which eliminated her from the sprint, otherwise had a great race)

We did not get our win, we got 4th and 5th. But overall I think we were more pleased w/ our individual efforts than last week. We definitely have tons of room and potential for improvement, and we are all excited to watch it happen!

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