Seward how i heart thee

Spring brings storms, longer days, fresh flowers, and thursday nights at Seward Park.  We work the day through, saddle up, pin the numbers and head south to trace cathartic and punishing loops around the park.  Not a lot of glammer.  But the turn outs are usually quite good and you get a chance to hone your knife for the weekend.  As Ronnie says, Thursdays are when we ride like startled panthers.

Tonight was no exception.

Nine KR boys, count them NINE, showed up at the line.  Spencer, fresh from his killing spree at a national-level mountain bike race in Cali.  Jamie, clad in a distinctive grey undie-shirt, complimented the neon-decked Colin on his sweet rig.  Dux and Ronnie, patrons of the race, guided us out of the start gate.  Pruitt pounced like a rabid dog.  G quickly started getting in the mix, with Geoff on his custom baron piloting around the pack.  Ian took a few swings of the sword early and settled in to the rainy muck that the squalls had left us.

The race played out nicely for us.  We had the most riders out to brave the crappy conditions and early darkness.  Undeterred, we took the race by its horns.  Dux led Galen out for a prime, but G came up a tiny bit short.  That’s the beauty of Seward–you gamble, you experiment, you dial.  Ian took two primes to earn the beer money for the night.  With three to go, Dux set up Ian beautifully to launch past two guys out in front for the last prime of the night.  Looking back, Ian saw nothing but a few distant blurs and knocked it into overdrive.  Ian took the first seward park race of the year, picking up where he and the team left off: winning.

Beers were had at our favorite mini mart on Madison.  Three cheers for the quasi-barkeep!  A nice way to welcome April, rain and all.

if only Manny's was bottled...

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