This last week has a been a great one for KR.  We’ve been racing in Oregon and Washington, posting great results all around.  Here’s a brief synopsis.

Thursday:  At Seward Ronnie and Ian made the break, took some primes and Ian took second to a blazing Russ Stevenson.

Friday: Jamie, Geoff, and Spencer rode the first of two very hard road races that are part of the Cherry Blossom Classic Stage Race.  Jamie and Spencer made it across with the main group and Geoff came a bit afterward.  In the womens race, Tricia, Cheryl, Christine and Kendi (guest riding) road a very aggressive race and just missed out on the top spots.

Saturday:  John O’Donnell smoked the entire 1-2 field at the Green Valley Time Trial and took 1st.  A fine result after crashing a month ago at 40 mph!  Kele took third in the womens 1-2 field, which was a great way to round out the morning.  Down in Oregon, the KR women slugged it out in an epic race with gravel roads and relentless hills.  Tricia finished 8th on the day, with the rest of the team behind her.  In the mens race, the field got blown to smithereens.  Our boys slogged it out and made it in safely.

Sunday:  The morning was an early one in the Dalles.  Jamie sprang back into action and pounded his way to 3rd place on the time trial stage against a stacked field.  Tricia locked into a three-way tie for third and Cheryl soft-pedaled her way into 6th place.  So going into the final stage, the women were placed to get Tricia into 3rd overall on the GC.  Through hard work and grit, they pulled it off!  Tricia won the sprint for 3rd and broke the tie in her favor.  Kaboom!  In the mens race, Jamie was aggressively racking up the ducats by taking myriad primes.  All in all, great racing in Oregon!  Up in Washington, John O’D, Dux, Galen and I lined up in the 1-2 race.  Galen made the first “break,” which was really just him and Todd Herriot.  The two of them put 3 minutes into the field before a second group of 6 snuck away from the pack and caught up.  Ian was in the second group and with 3 laps left in the 92 mile race, there was now a 7 man group (Todd flatted out).  In the finale, Ian had a moment’s hesitation and missed the jump.  He and G settled for 3rd and 4th–an especially sweet result for G, who spent 90 miles off the front of the race!  In the field, JOD and Dux slugged it out and finished strong!  In the cat 3 mens race, K. Hungus played his A game, sitting in for much of the race and then getting in a small break for the final half of  the race.  In the end, only one man was stronger and Karl got his best result of the year in the cat 3 race!  Heather jumped into a small and tough womens race, after a hiatus from racing.  A tough thing to do, but she hung in for 10th!

KR in the news!

You can read more about the Cherry Blossom race here.

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