This week we had some fine results that could have been better with a bit more focus on strategy and timing.  We can blame getting up at 5am to set up the race, or we can admit some fault and work towards victory.  Either way, here’s the quick synopsis.

We put on a circuit race out in Port Orchard, WA, on a lovely 6 mile course with several punchy climbs.  Most of us got up at the crack of dawn to set up the course, handle registration and direct traffic.  This was the culmination of a lot of work by Galen and Pruitt, so we were happy to see it go off without a hitch.  Racing got under way at 9 and didn’t end until 5pm.  A long day!

In the cat three race, Karl was riding smart throughout the fast laps.  In the end, a group of four slipped away on the last lap and Karl wasn’t in the move.  With 1km to go, Karl was at the front and ended up leading out the field–an idea that does’t usually pan out.  All good learning!

In the womens race, Christine set off on a sweet solo bid for several laps.  This took the pressure off the rest of the team.  In the end, Rhae slipped away and rode a solid race solo to victory.   Perhpas inspired by Karl, Tricia led out Cheryl from way out and Cheryl took on a very long sprint, taking 4th overall with Tricia in 6th.  Timing!

In the mens race, the pace was fast and furious from the gun.  48 miles of racing meant this was going to be a barn burner.  We mixed it up the first lap and half way through the second, Ian slipped away with Ian Tubbs and Sam Johnson.   The three worked well to get about 3 minutes on the group.  The gap came down to around a minute on the last lap.  Thinking he was going to get caught by the pack, Ian turned off his brain and went for the sprint from 350 meters out, effectively giving Sam the best leadout he’ll ever get.  3rd place for Ian. Jamie crushed the field after Spencer killed the leadout and they went 4th and 7th respectively.  Great results for the team, but a little more oxygen to the brain would have meant victory.

Next week we’re at Ravensdale again.  Should be fast and relatively flat.  The focus will be on strategy, timing, and, last but not least, thinking…

One thought on “Timing

  1. Really great race – the course was safe, a lot of fun, close to Seattle, and at least a little bit punchy.

    Good times.

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