Startled Panthers Ride Again

It was just another sexy Thursday night.  Ten of us joined up forces in Leschi, moved in unison down Lake Washington Boulevard, and picked apart the race.  It was magical.



Galen was a human roomba with untold power and the prowess of a mystical beast.  Not only did this kid take four of the five primes, lead out Ian for the only other prime of the night, and spend 3/4 of the race off the front, he slayed the beast and, like caesar, decreed Victory.  Winning every prime and the race is obviously the next challenge and one that rarely, if ever happens.  Stellar work!

The rest of the crew worked like voltron and turned up the hurt knob.  Karl set off like a lightning rod on his new Raleigh and showed the field his thunder for a few laps.  Ronnie was prowling like a cat in search of blood and making legs fall off.  Dux was driving breaks and showing the lil dogs what it might be like if they had both class and power.  Jamie, the mad professor of pain, was omnipresent and sheparded Ian up to win the pack sprint and take 5th overall. JOD, the silent assassin threw more gas on the fire and helped set up the team for the pack win.  Colin was his usual badass self, just patroling and making sure we keeping it locked down.  Prudizzle lite buzzed around and was likely talking sh*t about something all night long.  Spencer the magnificient matched Galen’s constant attacking with hit after hit even after sitting second wheel all night and wrapping up 6th.  Ian took the field sprint after hand delivery from JOD, DUX, Ronnie and Jamie and got his sprint legs confirmed in the only prime Galen gave away.  Baboom.

What can I say.  We made quick work of it.  The perfect night.  Total symbiosis, energy, and domination.  We got the win, third, fifth and sixth, EVERY prime and we topped it off with beers and burritos from our favorite taco truck in town!  G’s squarely in 3rd overall, Ian’s back in the lead, and Jamie is inching his way up in the rankings.

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