Market Street

Just a quickie to note some results over the weekend.  In the womens field, Kele was off on an epic solo bid for victory, but was led way off course by the lead car.  No biggee, right?  Tricia nearly won and had to settle for second after Heather’s bid in the last few kilometers fell a tiny bit short.

On the mens side, we shot off bullet after bullet and finally got one in the day’s break.  Ian was witness to an odd break where Lenovo sat in the entire time grumbling about something, while HSP, Ian and Andrew Rosette did all the work.  Hagens was there with 2 riders and neither seemed to realize they were (a) on a bike, (b) in a bike race, or (c) might want to do more than pull through every 10th turn.  Oh well!  The break got caught with 2 miles to go.  G was in brilliant position to lead Jamie out, but Jamie’s threadbare tire gave out with 150m to go.  G was sixth and we’ve got new tires for Jamie.  3 of us rode to the race and back (140 miles) and enjoyed an evening of drinking and then some mountainbiking on Sunday.

Wenatchee is up next!

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