A Warm Wenatchee Treats the Women Well

(From Amy)

The nice hot weather and beautiful terrain made for an ideal weekend of racing in Wenatchee. The TT was an out and back rolling course, with strong headwinds on the return section.  True to form, Tricia had an outstanding TT and blew away the competition to claim the win and earn top omnium points. Cheryl also had a solid ride, earning fifth place.

After some snacks and rest, we all suited up for the downtown criterium.  Our plan was to solidify Tricia’s lead in the GC as well as pick up some primes.  With great teamwork and communication, everything went to plan with Cheryl, Christine and Amy covering moves and taking the pressure off Tricia.  As a result of our teamwork and preparation, Tricia and Amy both picked up substantial primes.  Continuing on her winning streak, Tricia also claimed the win in the criterium with an impressive burst on the uphill section of the course.

Due to road conditions, the road race was changed from previous years to include two laps of the infamous Malaga climb (6 miles of nothing-but-up).  Our plan was to protect Tricia’s GC position, as well as get Amy in a break and hopefully pick up some QOM points along the way.  Cheryl helped with an early breakaway allowing her teammates to sit up and let others set the pace and ride in the wind.  Christine had an unfortunate early puncture, but managed to get back into the pack before the climb and have a solid race.  Amy made a break of four lead riders on the last lap of the hill, but a Total Restoration rider was able to break away on the last few hundred meters of hill and use her strong TT-ing skills to hold us off until the finish line.  From the remaining three breakaway riders, Amy won the sprint to claim second place, moving up into 6th in GC points, and also earning second in the QOM points. Tricia’s 7th place in the road race maintained her overall omnium lead, giving Keller Rohrback the top spot at Wenatchee!  The weekend was a success not just in placings, but also in team bonding and development.

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