Black Cats

So Thursday went down like it has been the last few weeks.  KR WINS.  KR TAKES EVERY PRIME.  Capisce?

This time it was Jamie on the early attack who snatched two primes and never saw the main field.  Galen charged up to Jamie and established himself in the lead group of 14.  Ian, Dux, and Ronnie hung out in the field and mostly kept eyes on the rivals and looked for a few chances to stretch the legs.  Galen gobbled em up like pacman and took the other three primes, leaving absolutely nothing for anyone else.  How greedy?  Well, that’s bike racing.

With two to go, G lapped the field with two others.  Ronnie set a lovely tempo at the front and Ian tried to bring G up to the front.  Despite an overenthusiastically early leadout from Ian, Galen managed to trounce Iddings and Herriot to win.  A thing of Beauty.  Jamie rounded out the night in Sixth.  Beers were had.  Third win in a row.  Time to transfer some of the mojo to the weekend crits that are about to spawn everywhere.


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