A Podium Weekend for the Women

From Tricia

I feel like it has been ages since I raced with the KR girls, and it was great to be back together with at lest some of the team this weekend.  While Amy Dearden was throwing down some solid results on her own up in Vancouver racing the Tour de Delta and the Canadian National Criterium, Kele, Christine, Heather and I raced in the Seattle area.

Kele, Christine and I raced Derby Days on Saturday – a flat, four corner criterium in Redmond that has ridiculously attractive payouts for the women.  There were a whopping 25 women and the purse was $2500.  Crazy.  More folks should show up.  Kele started off strong taking the first prime in the first 3 minutes of racing.  I countered her move, then jumped the 2 that were with me when it looked like we were going to get caught.  I soloed a lap or two until I was joined by Jen Wheeler (HB).  We stayed away together for 35 minutes of our 45 minute race.  The officials threw us 1 prime, which we agreed to split.  I guess they thought that was boring, so they gave the rest of the primes to the pack.  We caught the pack with 3 laps to go.  Even though I convinced Jen to take the harder pulls into the wind, she still got me on the sprint.  Ah well. An assured 2nd place paid out plenty and it was a good effort.

Lapping the field at Derby Days

Sunday was the State Team Time Trial.  Christine, Kele, Heather and I took on the Bikesale team (Suz, Gina, Lise, Morgan).  The other team was a stacked composite team that consisted of Jen Wheeler (HB), Rhae Shaw (Cycle U), Michelle Conrad (Blue Rooster) and Carrie Eller (Gregg’s).  With just a little discussion before the race and a couple minutes of practice, we worked together beautifully and smoothly.  We were able to beat Bikesale (all on TT bikes, 3 with disc’s) by a minute. To me, the TTT is about a team effort.  It is tough when a women’s team can’t field 3-4 competitive girls.  Getting beaten by a compsite team really doesn’t bother me as much as it worries me that only 2 teams in the state can come up with 4 riders for this event.  Considering our entire women’s squad is 6 women, I am proud of our effort and the result. Find a great team shot here:  http://spotshotevents.smugmug.com/Sports/Time-Trial-2010/WA-State-TTT-2010/12895082_S5BQN#931255379_SHAzV

Next up for the KR women is the State Stage Race in Bellingham, and then the Cascade Cycling Classic.

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