More Wins for KR

This past week saw some more solid racing the Team KR.  We started out racing Seward Park World Championships, where 1st place is pretty much a lockdown, but where 2nd and 3rd are up in the air.  Jamie has second place by a good bit, but Kyle (Garage) is not far back.  G was back from his European Vacation and chomping at the bit.  We had a full squad out and kept the heat on.  About 7 laps in a good break of 7 formed and it Spencer and Galen up in the mix.  Spencer took the first preme and soon the 7 became 10.  Another KR team member now up in the front.  A little while later a few more of us bridged up to what really became a field split.  Galen took a preme and Spencer another.  With about 5 to go, G took off with Doug Davis and they got a handy gap as the rest of us put the brakes on.  G took the preme and the WIN.  Ian took 3rd, winning the field sprint.  G jumped up in the points and is now threatening Kyle for 3rd.  The overall is looking quite good for a sweep of the podium.

On Friday night, G, Ian, and Jamie took to the velodrome.  Three races: 30 lap scratch, miss-and-out, and an 84 lap marathon madison race.  In the scratch, all three of us took the opportunity to attack off the front and then counter attack.  G was the last to solo off the front and just barely got caught.  Ian took 2nd to Grant (Gregg’s Greenlake) in the final sprint, while G held on for fourth.  In the miss-and-out, Jamie made the final cut and was 4th to a tough sprinter group.  The madison caused some realignment of forces, as G joined Rad (Lenovo) and Jamie and Ian rode together.  The race started out as essentially a race between KR, G and Rad’s team and Dan Harm/Grant’s team.  Harm and Grant won the first sprint, but Ian beat Dan for the second.  Before the third sprint, G crashed into the back of Ian and made out with the pavement.  Rad soldiered on solo, making it a race between Jamie/Ian and Dan/Grant.  Grant won the third sprint and gapped Jamie and Ian.  But Ian and Jamie clawed back and then jumped Dan and Grant hard to open a gap with about 35 laps to go.  They managed to stick it, win the next three sprints and lap Dan and Grant.  It was a sweet win, won the hard way.  Also qualified them for Elite Nationals in October.

On Sunday, G, Jamie, Dux, and Colin raced in Sylvana.  A classic kermesse style race with wind, tiny uphills and winding roads.  Out of the first corner, Jamie got in a break with Steve Fischer (HB), Stanko (Lenovo) and Flashdancer (HSP).  Half way through the race there is  a sprint for points in the overall series.  Jamie won it handily.  The field gave chase here and there, but the lead of 4 just drove it.  In the finale, Jamie took 2nd to a speeding Fischer.  The two are now tied in points.

So not a bad 3 days of racing:  2 wins, 2 second places, and 1 third place.

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