Mason Lake Mens 1/2 Race Report

Ian, JOD, G, Colin, Hungus and I lined up for the race.  Attacks went one after the other for the first four laps with all of us getting into the mix at some point, but the field was motivated and nothing stayed away for more than half a lap.



Colin leads one of many early breakaway attempts

Halfway through the race here was a large move with Ian in it that looked like it might get away, but it was a little too big and folks started sitting on so it was brought back.  With two laps to go a group of 8 got away on the hill at turn one.  There was good representation from the Washington teams with 7 different teams represented in the break of 8.  The Oregon and Idaho teams ended up driving a long way to miss the move and Ian made sure to rub salt in the wound between his air drum and bass solos.

Air Drum

Ian is a master of the imaginary percussion instruments

Air Bass

The air bass is still the instrument of choice though

Up in the break we rotated well with some folks occasionally sitting on, but since we had a large gap and some tired legs the pace stayed fairly mellow.  I felt strong and had some juice left, but the break had three of the best sprinters in the Northwest in it (Tubbs, Richter, and Crane) and I didn’t want to go to the line with them if I could avoid it.  With about four miles to go I attacked over the crest of a small hill onto a false flat, put my head down and went into time trial mode.  When I dared to glance back I saw that I had a healthy gap on Steve Wilsons who had a small gap on the remaining six.  There was enough fatigue in the break that they looked at each other instead of organizing an effective chase.  After a mile or two I reached the narrower, twistier, hillier section of the course and I was out of sight.  From there I kept the pace high and rolled in solo for the win.

Jamie posts up for the win

Winning is fun

Many thanks to all of our sponsors and to Wheels in Focus for the excellent photos in this post.

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