One Race, Two Reports

Mason Lake had a combined field for the 1/2 women and the Masters 35+ men.  You will find the race reports vary in style, but together give a lovely stereo view of the event.

From the perspective of Michele Conrad, 2010 WSBA champion:

At Mason Lake this past weekend the women 1/2 raced with the  Master A men, but were scored separately.  We had 4 Keller Rohrback riders in the field, me and 3 of our master men (Pruitt, Flynn, and Cole).  The pack of 15 (5 women, 10  men) rode around a 12-mile circle 5 times.  The small numbers were disappointing, and as a result of the small numbers it wasn’t a very animated race.  A Starbucks guy went early & held it.  There were some attacks, some small splits, some bridge attempts, and lots of pack riding.  Pruitt launched out of the pack on lap 2 after I had gone to the front.  Three more relatively uneventful laps ensued–some attacks, etc., but it was clear that nothing was going to stick.  On the last lap I countered a move by Gina on the back side of the course, hoping to get a good gap & run it to the finish but it didn’t work out.   Flynn and Andy Lund (Cucina) went to the front & set a nice tempo.  An Olympic Orthopedic woman sat on Andy’s wheel, and I stuck to Flynn’s wheel.  Just after 200 m I jumped around Flynn on the right side & sprinted in to take the win.  A good start to the season.  Thanks to the guys for being such good teammates, and to all of the fabulous sponsors!

From the perspective of Michael Pruitt, 2010 most likely to tell you more than you ever wanted to know about pretty much anything.

1:15 Here I am at the start of Mason #1. I decided to live blog this year so that all my team mates could follow the race.  Is race blog reading the same as training?
1:20 Cole looks tired already. I am going to attack now and see if I can drop him.  If he asks I’ll tell him I was just warming up!
1:21 Well, looks like Cole is still here.  Hey, were the hell is that Starbucks guy going???????
1:23 My top tube sure is pretty.  I like how the pearl white shines in the Mason sun.
1:25 I better do something… I think the last time check was like 5 minutes to the SBUX guy.  There’s no way he can solo the whole race is there?
1:30 Why is Michelle riding stronger than me?  Maybe I should just accept that I suck and… no wait…. that’s my legs … shut up legs!!!!!!!!!! MDYUWT%ER
1:35 I almost got across.  If by almost I mean I was nowhere close to bridging that gap.  Which I think is now at 10 minutes.  There goes Cole.  Woot Woot.
1:40 There goes Flynn.  Or did he think there was a prime?
2:00 I think I’ll ask the Starbucks guys to quit getting into the chase.  That will take my mind off how lame the chase is. Gap up to 30 minutes.
2:02 Mental note: maybe I shouldn’t use the phrase “deuche bag” “asshole” or “idiot” when talking to guys who’ve only been racing a year or so. (Editor’s note: maybe you should learn to spell douche)
2:10 I think the Starbucks guy just lapped us.
2:20 Michelle at the front.  I’ll just pull through and then let Flynn go with Hill.  Hill looks strong.
2:23 What the F&^%$ I can’t see the field anymore and now Dave Hill is with me and he wants to go hard.  I told Flynn to cover the moves.  Just now.  In my head.  Cause this hurts already and we have like 45 miles left.  No worries, we’ll get caught.
2:50 I think David is trying to make me cry.  It’s working!!!!!  You can stop now.
3:20 Where the helll is the field?  I keep trying to slow down but David just pushes me.  It was really sad when he got off his bike at the mini mart got some cookies, changed his socks and then came back up to me with only one foot clipped in.  He said he was working on his pedal stroke.
3:30 OMG. He finally dropped me.  Thank god.  Now I can stop.  Why are there unicorns on the side of the rode?  Must stop and talk to the… no wait!  That’s my stupid legs again!  Shut up legs!
3:35 Kid on the side of the road looks scared of me.  Maybe I shouldn’t mumble to myself?
3:36 The entire 1/2 team just came by and slappedmy ass.  Flattered.  Maybe a little curious.  But I just don’t swing that way.  Excelpt maybe for Jamie.  Am I serious?  Maybe.  You’ll never know. (Editor’s note: I already know)
3:40 Why have I lost feeling in my legs?  Is that good?
3:41 Feelings back!  Happier when it was gone.
3:50 I am so going to get caught on the line aren’t I?  Why do you hate me?
4:00 I made it?  And Michelle won the field sprint!  That’s awesome!  Should I make sure they know I am in the Masters and just got m*^%$#cking 3rd?  Nah.  Everyone was cheering me on and Douglas congratulated me at the line.  Sure he’s screwed up every single result I’ve ever gotten in his races but this one’s a cake walk.
8:20 WTF????? 55th?  In the 1/2’s?  I wasn’t in the 1/2’s?  Oh well.  I know the truth.  And the truth will…. F&%$# cramp!

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