The weekend in review

Last weekend saw KR turn out in good numbers at the road race in Sequim (the Tour de Dung), but it also saw most of us staying indoors in the rain-soaked Mason Lake race on Sunday.
The results for the Tour De Dung did not quite match the fury and power we unleashed at Mason Lake the week prior.  But it was a good learning scenario.  We had a podium result in the Womens race with Michele taking 3rd.  In the Masters race and 1-2 Mens race, we just cracked into the top 10. The races were fast, furious, and frought with wind.  It was a good time to test the legs and see how we need to use our heads as much as our legs to do the talking.

This weekend holds in store the Tour de Dung rematch, with an added 12 mile lap in the races that should favor the team’s form.  We also have a time trial in the Skagit Valley on Sunday, where we’ll surely show who’s got the early season form.


Stay tuned…

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