March Madness

This last weekend the team found itself doing a lot of winning.  You can enjoy Jamie’s insouciant and irreverent post below which explains some of what’s been going on.  Here’s the details of what went down.


The Tour de Dung wrapped up this weekend in Sequim.  The 1-2 men got a bump in the mileage and had 84 miles to race.  We rolled out and Ian got in the first break of the day.  A solid move with only 2 teams missing out.  It was early enough and fast enough that it ultimately got pulled back.  But it was the perfect springboard for Jamie and Stanko (Team Mike’s Car) to take off and ride away with the race.  The two panthers took off and built a lead of over 2:20 on the field.  The entire Garage and Bikesale teams didn’t do much more than cut off 45 seconds of that lead.  With 2 laps to go, the gap was at 2 minutes.  After a brief neutralization, Jamie took Stanko in a  tight sprint, sealing Jamie’s second road race victory of the year.  Back in the field, things went nuclear, as attacks went left and right.  We missed out on those and just enjoyed winning.

In the Masters race, Hainsworth got in the winning move of the day.  The man, the myth, the muscle, showed that you don’t really want to go head to head in a sprint against him, even at the start of the season.  He took a sweet win, the first of the year for the Masters.  Here is Pruitt celebrating (courtesy of Rob @

In the womens race, the team did not have quite as much success.  But the race was a hard-fought one where early season strategies and fitness were built up for the rest of the year.


Sunday featured a short 8 mile time trial in Padilla Bay.  It was a lovely, windy, and cold morning.  Tricia, Jamie and Ian braved (stupidly) the early start and the elements.  And, well, we won.  Tricia smoked her field and Jamie beat Ian by 50 seconds, leaving them 1st and 2nd on the day.  Not exactly stiff competition, but we’ll take it!

So far this season, KR has the following stats:

Four Road Race Wins

Three Time Trial Wins

That is a lot of winning for 4 weeks of racing…

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