KR Hearts IVRR

Saturday featured the weekend’s only bike race and it is a true gem.  The course is a rather straightforward 20 mile loop with two climbs separated by a smattering of rolling hills and windy flatlands.  Usually mother nature throws a few curveballs here and there.  Whatever’s been thrown, we’ve risen to the challenge.  Snow?  Sure, we’ll take that.  Wind and rain?  Love it.  Yesterday’s weather was a nice mix of warmish winds and scattered showers.  Downright pleasant.  The men raced 80 miles, while the women raced 60.

The mens race was a great showcase of teamwork.  Galen slipped away with Ian Tubbs right after the racing began and the two built a solid 2 minute lead over the field.  Back in the pack, we took turns shutting things down and trying to turn the damper down.  Jamie and Ian were making things hard for those with ambitions of grandeur, while Karl and Colin made some solid contributions.  With about 1.5 laps to go, Jamie slipped away with a group of 6 and he turned on the gas.  Ian stayed in the remnants of the field as Jamie plowed ahead.  Jamie caught G on the last time up the long hill with about 15 miles to go.  He rode right through G, he slayed himself for the good of the team and his form.  Jamie rode took Patrick Stanko (his soulmate from last week’s epic break) and Brian from garage.  Even after Jamie waited for Stanko to get a wheel change, he throttled the living crap out of his riding mates on the last climb and soloed into his 3rd road race victory of the year.  G kept himself together and stuck in with the chasing group and took an emotional 7th.  Back in the field, Ian tested the legs and took 3rd in the field sprint and 12th overall.  It was a great race where teamwork helped us to victory, despite having one of the smaller teams represented.  Big shout to to Trey at Recycled Cycles for keeping Jamie’s Raleigh together!  It’s never looked so clean!!

In the womens race, Michelle rode solo.  She and 3 others slipped away the first time up the hill and from there she and her breakmates just whittled the race down.  In the end, it was a fast sprint where a little hesitation cost her the victory.  Second she was!  Which is a sweet result for having no teammates on one of the hardest courses of the year.

So many wins and so many podiums.  This season has been one of our best yet.


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