‘Twas the Night Before Cherry Blossom (A Race Recap by Stephanie)

Twas the night before Cherry Blossom,all through our host house,
Not a racer was stirring, not even a mouse.
The numbers were pinned to the jerseys with care,
In hopes that stage one soon would be there.

Tricia was nestled all snug in her bed,
While visions of podiums danced in her head.
Stephanie lay awake feeling way too much stress,
“Gonna get my ass kicked,” was my thought, I confess.

When stage one was all done and moves had been made,
TB came out with things almost perfectly played.
Top contenders were dropped at her very tough pace,
But others hung in strong, looks like we have ourselves a race!

The next morning’s winds made for an epic time trial,
How can it take so damn long to go 5.5 measly miles?!
On the way back Tricia flew past me like a f*$king tornado,
I was psyched to see the crouching panther pass her 30 second tomato.

We devoured steak subs for lunch, then went to race a very dark crit,
It was my third one ever and I was totally scared as shit.
Tricia controlled the race and took almost all the primes,
“Damn,” I thought, “I joined one kick-ass team!”

The next day we woke to sunny blue sky,
I told myself that up those hills I would certainly fly.
Ummm…. That didn’t quite happen, for me at least,
Jess the Canuk stole the race, damn she’s a beast.

“Now Tricia! Now, Jade! Now, Lisa and Jessica!
On, Jenny! On, Megan! On, Katy and Jasmin!
To the top of the hill! To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”
(writer’s note:  that verse is just too awesome to edit and it TOTALLY fits with what happened)

Tricia Bailey hung in tough finishing third on GC,
Glad for her (and just to be done) I smiled with glee.
It was my 12th bike race ever, and I placed 12th overall,
Lack of confidence, I learned, is the biggest pitfall!

Lessons learned, prizes claimed, bikes mounted, all packed,
We rolled home to Seattle while we snacked snacked snacked.
Thanks to TB, for showing me how it’s done,
And reminding me that the season has only just begun.

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