Ravensdale and Carnation

This past Saturday featured the undulating road race at Ravensdale.  Consistent with the theme of this spring, it was pissing rain and not particularly warm.  We had a good sized groups in the Mens 1-2 race and masters races.  In the 1-2 race, Galen and Ian got into the first big move of the day and the group of nine puttered away into a sizeable gap over the field that was content to see them go.  Not much drama unfolded until Hone gave a nice attack with 20 miles to go and dangled off the front for a while.  Things came back together on the last 9 mile lap and Galen rode aggressively on the front.  About 1500 meters from the end there is a good sized hill, at the base of which Galen attacked hard solo.  No one followed until half way up, when Dustin from Farestart surged up and passed G at the top of the hill.  It was a well timed attack that took G and Ian off guard.  Dustin held off Ia and the two went 1st and 2nd, respectively.  G was 8th.  Hail and torrential rain greeted us.  In the masters race, the best laid plans of the victory got scuttled by a neutralization of the break.  Flynn managed 5th in the finale, with Rob in the top 10, too.

On Sunday we headed out to carnation for a hilly and (yes) rainy time trial.  It was a fun course, with good sized hills and descents.  Tricia crushed the field in her race and Stephani was close behind.  Ian had a touch of bad luck and flatted out after being on a good pace for a top place.  Jeff Dunn came to his rescue and saved the day.  So two more podium spots for KR on the weekend.  Can’t wait for the sun!

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