Mutual of Enumclaw

Enumclaw evokes a lot of things for a lot of people.  Some people think of the Kettle and its massive egg fiestas.  Others think of horses.  Others can’t stop thinking of horses.  And some of us think about how much we either love or hate the criterium and/or road race that are part of the Mutual of Enumclaw, a stage race that for many marks the end of the season.  The reasons for loving and hating the courses are many.  Hatred for the crit is usually due to the fact it is always raining and the 8 turns wreak havoc on the fields.  Yet we also love the 8 turns (not everyone).   And the road race is both scenic, hard, and way to hilly for many.  Or maybe you love the hills.  In any event, it’s a big showdown that usually lures the ex-hockey yahoos from Canadia down here to show us how not to ride a bike in a straight line.  This year was no different.
In the time trial, we had great results for Tricia and Dan Harm (guest riding).  Tricia was 3rd and Dan 3rd, too.  They threw down some fast times.  Also notable was Karl Indomitable Spirit Hungus’s trouncing of Jamie and Ian.  The course was quite a bit faster than usual and the times showed it.  And it wasn’t raining!

Later in the day the men started off the races with a light drizzle for the crit.  It naturally turned into a good size downpour enough to slick up the roads.  Dan rode a strong race while the rest of us held on for the ride.  Not much to write about.  Same also for the women, who endured more rain.

The final day was the road race.  A good, hard race with fair conditions.  Dan was sitting 4th on GC heading into it, and Tricia was 3rd on GC.  In the mens race, we shed a recovering Jamie and Karl after 2 or so laps of the 6.  Ian and Dan were still in the mix after four hill repeats and the attacks weren’t sticking.  On the fifth time up the hill Dan cracked and Ian stuck in the main group.  The last time up, the pack was slimmed to 19 riders, Ian included.  A hectic run into the finish opened up a late sprint for Ian, who was 4th on the stage and 12th overall on GC.  Tricia rode a very strong race and finished high on the stage and 2nd overall on GC.  A great result!

So we’ll put Enumclaw into the books.  Multiple visits to the podium and lots of green KR kits flashing the strong legs.

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