2011 Recap and 2012 Goals

Many of us get on our bikes every day, others once or twice a week. All of us can look back on 2011 and know we have accomplished a lot. 2011 was filled with wins, podiums, the occasional crash, and many learning experiences.

Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, members, and member families! We appreciate your help, time, and support very much. Thank You for contributing to a great 2011 season.

2012 is coming very soon. We’d like to remember the great moments of the 2011 season and share our goals for the year ahead.

Nick Z: 2011 Highlight was joining the KR Elite squad! Nick’s 2012 goal is to contribute to overall team success by making strides as a bike racer and learning from experienced teammates and competitors.

Karl C: 2011’s highlight was finishing two Cat ½ stage races. The Capital Stage Race and the Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic. Both races featured KR riders on the podiums! For 2012, Karl plans on making his much anticipated track-racing debut. He also wants to podium at the Tacoma Criterium.

Ivy A: The 2011 season highlight was winning the category three criterium at the Mt. Hood Stage Race, along with four out of five of the primes in the same stage. As a Cat 2 now, Ivy’s 2012 goal is to play an active role in getting KR women on the GC podium for targeted stage races!

Erik S: 2011 highlights were getting out and creating opportunities for teammates in local races. Also staying upright was a great highlight! In 2012 Erik hopes to make a great impact for our Masters Squad and plans on racing at Masters Nationals in Bend.

Jamie S: Winning more races than he has fingers.  A key highlight was winning the Tour of Walla Walla against an international field of professional and top-level amateurs.  Utter domination of the season was the result of a maniacal preparation that left everyone in the region in the dust.  Looking forward to more suffering and big victories in 2012.

Jim F: 2011 Highlight was overall win at Marymoor GP and the Masters Win at the Joe Matava crit. For 2012 Jim has hired a coach to work on cleaning up the podiums in local Crits! He also looks to clean up on the track and close out the season at Masters Track Nationals.

Spencer P: Among others things the 2011 highlight was team bonding in the rain, sleet and snow during the team training camp in Santa Barbara CA. Spencer also made the 2012 Olympics United States-Long Team for Cross-Country Mountain Biking. He’ll be focusing on getting to London in 2012.

Ian M: 2011 highlghts included helping Jamie Stangeland win the Tour of Walla Walla, and taking the Seward Park Series for the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR. Ian also scored a huge 2nd place on GC at the Capital Stage Race. On the Track, with Jamie Stangeland in the Madison, Ian swung the axe to take-it-to a prestigious international field of track racers at the Marymoor Grand Prix. No small feat. In 2012 the goal is to win the State Road Race.

Randy S: The Highlight was forging a good bond with his teammates on the road and track, in the process racking up several wins. He’d like to continue his blazing-fast lead-outs at Pacific Raceways in 2012.

Jeff D: 2011 Highlight was winning the Cat3 Men’s Twilight Crit in Portland and a Podium spot in the Cat 3’s at the Tour of Walla Walla. Jeff Also upgraded to Cat 2 on the road. His 2012 Goals are to upgrade to Cat 2 on the Track, have better performances in hilly races, and to target a podium spot at Masters Nationals in both Road and Track.

Nicholas B: Nicholas survived a cross-country move in 2011 but he has managed to make impressive results on the road. On his first day in Washington after moving, he won the Keller Rohrback Category ½ Men’s elite race. Nick also scored a 2nd place at the Grand Prix of Beverly, Massachusetts with Shawn Milne taking the win. After settling in Washington, Nick managed a 4th overall in the Lake WA Velo series. For 2012 Nick will bring his decade+ of racing experience to help support our stage and road racers. He will focus on bringing his top-end-speed to select crits and circuit races.

Tricia B: TB’s season highlight was working for Steph Peters to help her win the State Road Race when the KR ladies were seriously outnumbered. She also looks back happily on exposing a KR composite team to some NRC racing at Mt. Hood. Kristin Armstrong used TB as an example of what a good teammate should be doing when talking to fellow racer Rhae Shaw.

Stephanie P: In 2011, winning the State Road Race at Vance Creek was the season highlight. It was an amazing team effort and it wouldn’t have happened without full team support. Steph looks forward to racing in 2012 with a new and more diverse ladies squad.

Ross G: Ross’s 2011 was highlighted by a win at the Cheney Rock Road Race. He is excited to race with the KR squad and really hopes to contribue to a successful 2012. Ross is looking for redemption in the 2012 Ronde van Palouse.

Jocelyn S: Jocelyn had a blazing 2011 scoring wins and podiums all season long. She also got her Cat 1 upgrade, in the process, netting a 2nd overall in the WSBA rankings. The Tour of Walla Walla Crit, Wenatchee Crit (and Omnium) were her favorite wins of 2011. In 2012, Jocelyn wants to work hard and achieve success in all of the KR races that the ladies target. She’d also like to do some NRC or NCC races.

Mike Hainsworth: Mike was a new addition in 2010 and chalked up a few key wins for the masters squad. He also tore the legs off of all challengers at many-a-Seward park Thursday nighter. Mike sent me a nice email with his highlights, so I’ll let him speak for himself.

The highlight of the season for me at the KR team was somewhat intangible; its the fact that the team sold out for whoever was going well at the time and then spread the love around later.

The person who was the donkey one week was the stallion later.

For example, the whole mens team put their personal GC aspirations aside to ride shotgun for Jamie as he rode on to win the overall Walla Walla Stage Race against a bunch of full time bike racers.

Later in the year, if Jamie wasn’t already off the front, he would line out the Crits giving me or Ian leadouts.   There are countless other situations like this which would take more than my word limit to describe.

I myself benefited from this teamwork by being guided to several wins and podiums.

Most notable to me was sitting behind Jim Flynn and Ron while they gave me a 4 lap lead out on the way to winning the masters state criterium championships.

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