3 thoughts on “KR Road Race Results

  1. Great race. Thanks! Just one thing, your timing appears off. It looks as though you timed the Masters with the same start time as the Cat 4/5s, even though we started 5-10 minutes later. We lapped several Cat 4/5s on the last lap and my Garmin gave me an elapsed time of 1:48. But your race time says 2:01:11 for the winning Masters time. Minor point. Good marshalling on the course.

  2. I agree on the Masters timing and on putting on a great race. My Garmin showed 1:50 with an average speed of 22.1 mph. I thought yours should have been about the same +/- 30 seconds or so. Either way, I’m sure the relative finish times would be unaffected. Thanks for your work on putting this event together.

  3. Mark & Edgar,

    From the timer. When I time road races such as the Keller Rohrback one, I base my start time off the flyer. If this was a stage race then your start time would be when you actually started. The officials, promoter, and myself for these types of races, single day road races, we are most concerned about rider safety, fairness, quality competition, and making sure the finish order and placement is correct. For prizes, the promoter is most concerned about placement. Timing is way down on the list. But, like I said, if this was a stage race then yes timing is just as important if not more important than placement. For a time trial timing is also a priority. I welcome both of you to come out to the Ice Breaker Time Trial on Saturday. Make sure to look on the right side of the road after you cross the finish line to see your time trial time displayed on a big red scoreboard.

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