KR Road Race: Victory Report

First, thank you to everyone who came down to Eatonville to brave the elements and race our race.  It is an early race and we were happy to see so many of you.  There was sunshine for most of the races and great course to test the early season legs. Results will be posted soon.

Second, big ups to to our sponsors at Eltana Bagels for hooking us up with load of delicious bagels (the best in Seattle) and their spreads, as well as coffee from BioWilly’s Beans, Seattle’s finest nanoroaster.  Special thanks also go out to FSA for providing wheel support.

Third, congrats to our first team victors and podium owners of the year!  Ryan Perlman took 2nd in the Masters race in the morning, after Randy pushed the pace for nearly all of the race.  Jocelyn and Jamie won their respective Cat 1-2 races, and Nick B rode hard in the snow for 12th.  Not a shabby way to start the year.  And of course Jamie couldn’t have won it without his RALEIGH! equipped with FSA parts built up by Recycled Cycles.

Here is a video of what 4 months of nonstop high-tempo winter training yields:

Victoire (and below)

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