Georgetown Criterium 2014 – UPDATED


Home turf throwdown! The Georgetown Criterium doubled as the Washington State Championship Criterium this year. And the Green Machine of Keller Rohrback won the Womens 4 race and both Pro 1/2 Mens and Womens races! A strong showing by the team.

PRO WOMEN (by Ivy Audrain)
The Women’s Pro 1/2 race had a full squad of myself, Kele Murdin, and Jocelyn Setter. I could not have been happier to have such capable teammates during this race. As a team, we were constantly on the offense by initiating attacks, or on the defense by going with/responding to attacks. Georgetown is the longest women’s criterium in Washington State, a full 60 minutes, in which I would have spent way too much energy without Jocelyn and Kele, and wouldn’t have been able to finish the way I would have liked…which is with a big gap, first across the line, after a stellar leadout from Kele, who went full gas for the entire last lap!!! Success! A State Championship and a win at our own race. Great way to top off the season. Here’s to 2015!

PRO MEN (by Nick Bennette)
Having just watched the ladies own their race, the boys felt obligated to put on a equivalently strong showing. From the gun, Ian, Pete and i set a nice little tempo, eager to show the field how to handle the somewhat technical course and setup the early move. Rather unexpectedly, the three of us found ourselves with a significant gap less than a lap into the race. I pulled through and upped the pace, with Pete and Ian dropping back to the field to let the escape happen (no way three KR jerseys would be given much leash). Surprised by my unplanned solo breakaway, I was fortunately joined in a few laps by Russell (voler) and Brian Hitchcock (HSP), and our new trio built a sizable advantage, with Ian, Pete, Kyle, and Jamie keep the field at bay behind. After some antics mid-race, we realized with ~20 minutes to go that we would make up the podium, but worked together more or less until three-to-go. Russell tried his hand first but couldn’t get much separation and we coasted into the last lap, no one willing to lead out the sprint. Having 20+ pounds on both my companions, I ultimately decoyed to take the sprint from the front and hope my jump would get me up to speed quickly if anyone went early. Hitchcock dove for the final corner, but I beat him to it and kept the advantage to the line. Meanwhile, Jamie executed a perfect attach in the closing circuits to escape the field and take 4th, nearly catching our group at the line. Two riders in the top five and Another state championship – hard to have a better home race that that!

Thanks for reading!

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