Redmond Derby Days 2014


Redmond Derby Days! A race with a huge prize purse, giant checks, and bubbles. Derby Days has always brought out a really tough field and a solid field size. Jocelyn Setter was my teammate for this one, and was a crucial part of my success. Considering this is a prestigious one to win, the attacks came early and often, and Jocelyn kept everything together. Having won Derby Days in the past, I wanted to re-familiarize myself with my timing for the finish, so I sprinted for an early preme; the Motofish Coffee preme, in fact! (These guys do a lot to support the local cycling scene).  However, my timing for the actual finish was thrown off when a Recycled Cycles rider got a late race preme and found herself with a gap from 4 laps to go. With one lap to go, she still had around 50 meters on the group, and was losing momentum, but I decided to take matters into my own hands and close it up. I caught her right before the second to last corner, and knew I had to just keep going. Slowing down would have given others a chance to jump around me for the sprint, so I kept on the gas, was first through the last corner, and finished first after a solid sprint!

So glad I got to wear that sweet ‘Derby Days Champion’ Jersey and pop bottles on the top step. Awesome day for Jocelyn and I.

by: Ivy Audrain

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