Mason Lake #3 – Morgan Schmitt Eats my Lunch

Grab ya snacks and listen up. The mason lake trilogy is complete. In attendance were me, all available Cunninghams, Stangeland, Nick “Baby Rage” Bennette, Kyle “Baby Rage” Farrell, Galen “RAGE Baby” Erickson, Nick “Baby Face” Zylkowski, and John “Aero-Rage” O”Donnell,

I had an inspirational “Brain/Dick/Heart” trinity speech planned for our pre-race meeting, but it was cold outside so I skipped the meeting to check twitter.

Since KR had a pretty big contingent, I was extra motivated to win the “beat your teammates into the break” contest. After a half lap with some attacking and counter-attacking, I got away in a move of 9 along with Karl. Strongmen included Carson Miller. We had about 0:30 on the field until the start of the 2nd lap, when Morgan Schmitt bridged across to us. Plus side, Audi will probably stop chasing. Minus side, Morgan is very good at bikes.

So the break was 2x KR, 2x Olympia Orthopedic, 2x HSP, 2x Audi, 1x Ten Speed Hero, and Carson. We started rolling a little harder with the extra Audi representation, and the gap ballooned to 3:00 by the end of four laps.

Highlights included Karl eating snacks like a professional and the Olympia guys earning everyone’s respect and strong encouragement with how hard they were pulling.

Attacks started going on the last lap. Morgan was going strong, but there were too many fresh legs for him to get away……….yet (foreshadowing). 10k to go, Carson attacked with me on his wheel. The group got strung out, and as Carson started to fade, I saw Morgan COMING IN HOT from behind with a counter. I was barely able to jump on his move, and the two of us got away. We only had 5-10 seconds for a few minutes, but then the chase splintered, and it was clear that the two of us would stay away. I was kind of blacking out a little bit. Quick internal dialogue:

Me: google how to beat morgan schmitt
Computer: Nah.
Me: >_< i can’t even right now

Morgan was clearly stronger, so I kept my pulls short and avoided leading into any of the rollers on the back side. I had a moment of starting to feel like I was recovering, and then Morgan hit it hard with ~1.5k to go. I stood up, then sat down 0.1 seconds later and rolled it in for 2nd ahead of Carson.

Tough day, booyah to KR!

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