Mason Lake #3 – Morgan Schmitt Eats my Lunch

Grab ya snacks and listen up. The mason lake trilogy is complete. In attendance were me, all available Cunninghams, Stangeland, Nick “Baby Rage” Bennette, Kyle “Baby Rage” Farrell, Galen “RAGE Baby” Erickson, Nick “Baby Face” Zylkowski, and John “Aero-Rage” O”Donnell,

I had an inspirational “Brain/Dick/Heart” trinity speech planned for our pre-race meeting, but it was cold outside so I skipped the meeting to check twitter.

Since KR had a pretty big contingent, I was extra motivated to win the “beat your teammates into the break” contest. After a half lap with some attacking and counter-attacking, I got away in a move of 9 along with Karl. Strongmen included Carson Miller. We had about 0:30 on the field until the start of the 2nd lap, when Morgan Schmitt bridged across to us. Plus side, Audi will probably stop chasing. Minus side, Morgan is very good at bikes.

So the break was 2x KR, 2x Olympia Orthopedic, 2x HSP, 2x Audi, 1x Ten Speed Hero, and Carson. We started rolling a little harder with the extra Audi representation, and the gap ballooned to 3:00 by the end of four laps.

Highlights included Karl eating snacks like a professional and the Olympia guys earning everyone’s respect and strong encouragement with how hard they were pulling.

Attacks started going on the last lap. Morgan was going strong, but there were too many fresh legs for him to get away……….yet (foreshadowing). 10k to go, Carson attacked with me on his wheel. The group got strung out, and as Carson started to fade, I saw Morgan COMING IN HOT from behind with a counter. I was barely able to jump on his move, and the two of us got away. We only had 5-10 seconds for a few minutes, but then the chase splintered, and it was clear that the two of us would stay away. I was kind of blacking out a little bit. Quick internal dialogue:

Me: google how to beat morgan schmitt
Computer: Nah.
Me: >_< i can’t even right now

Morgan was clearly stronger, so I kept my pulls short and avoided leading into any of the rollers on the back side. I had a moment of starting to feel like I was recovering, and then Morgan hit it hard with ~1.5k to go. I stood up, then sat down 0.1 seconds later and rolled it in for 2nd ahead of Carson.

Tough day, booyah to KR!

Training Camp Update!

Earlier this month, Rad, Galen, Pete and Karl had the opportunity to stay in San Diego for a three day weekend of riding!

Pete, Rad, GalenPete, Galen, KFC; post ride

We put in some miles. About 230 of them. The legs are feeling good, and it was awesome to get into some good weather in so-cal. We also experienced some storm-weather, officially certifying us as hard-men.

Rad, Galen, Pete, Scenic Climb
Looking forward to getting on the road and track soon.

Bike CheckClimbing

Did some strava action of the rides.
Day 1 Mt. Palomar:
Day 2 Bonsall loops:
Day 3 To Temecula and back:

The evening before the Temecula ride, we huddled around a computer and mapped out the day in store. It looked like the perfect route. The day of, going north on De Luz road; we didn’t realize we’d have to ride on sand for ~3 miles.

KFC and Rad, sand road
Soon after the sand ended, the road kicked up, eventually hitting 30% grades to get out of the canyon. BRUTAL. It was a good adventure to cap off an awesome weekend.

Top of Stupid Carancho Rd
I think I speak for the group saying that we were feeling WORKED after that third day.

HUGE thanks to our hosts and organizers, Rad, Galen and Pete for putting us up, and putting up with us.
It was an awesome weekend, and I hope KR will be able to do similar trips in the future.

been-there-done-thatWith Freddie on PalomarPalomar flat fix + view  Coozer Canyon, Rad, Galen, KFC

Georgetown Criterium 2014 – UPDATED


Home turf throwdown! The Georgetown Criterium doubled as the Washington State Championship Criterium this year. And the Green Machine of Keller Rohrback won the Womens 4 race and both Pro 1/2 Mens and Womens races! A strong showing by the team.

PRO WOMEN (by Ivy Audrain)
The Women’s Pro 1/2 race had a full squad of myself, Kele Murdin, and Jocelyn Setter. I could not have been happier to have such capable teammates during this race. As a team, we were constantly on the offense by initiating attacks, or on the defense by going with/responding to attacks. Georgetown is the longest women’s criterium in Washington State, a full 60 minutes, in which I would have spent way too much energy without Jocelyn and Kele, and wouldn’t have been able to finish the way I would have liked…which is with a big gap, first across the line, after a stellar leadout from Kele, who went full gas for the entire last lap!!! Success! A State Championship and a win at our own race. Great way to top off the season. Here’s to 2015!

PRO MEN (by Nick Bennette)
Having just watched the ladies own their race, the boys felt obligated to put on a equivalently strong showing. From the gun, Ian, Pete and i set a nice little tempo, eager to show the field how to handle the somewhat technical course and setup the early move. Rather unexpectedly, the three of us found ourselves with a significant gap less than a lap into the race. I pulled through and upped the pace, with Pete and Ian dropping back to the field to let the escape happen (no way three KR jerseys would be given much leash). Surprised by my unplanned solo breakaway, I was fortunately joined in a few laps by Russell (voler) and Brian Hitchcock (HSP), and our new trio built a sizable advantage, with Ian, Pete, Kyle, and Jamie keep the field at bay behind. After some antics mid-race, we realized with ~20 minutes to go that we would make up the podium, but worked together more or less until three-to-go. Russell tried his hand first but couldn’t get much separation and we coasted into the last lap, no one willing to lead out the sprint. Having 20+ pounds on both my companions, I ultimately decoyed to take the sprint from the front and hope my jump would get me up to speed quickly if anyone went early. Hitchcock dove for the final corner, but I beat him to it and kept the advantage to the line. Meanwhile, Jamie executed a perfect attach in the closing circuits to escape the field and take 4th, nearly catching our group at the line. Two riders in the top five and Another state championship – hard to have a better home race that that!

Thanks for reading!

Redmond Derby Days 2014


Redmond Derby Days! A race with a huge prize purse, giant checks, and bubbles. Derby Days has always brought out a really tough field and a solid field size. Jocelyn Setter was my teammate for this one, and was a crucial part of my success. Considering this is a prestigious one to win, the attacks came early and often, and Jocelyn kept everything together. Having won Derby Days in the past, I wanted to re-familiarize myself with my timing for the finish, so I sprinted for an early preme; the Motofish Coffee preme, in fact! (These guys do a lot to support the local cycling scene).  However, my timing for the actual finish was thrown off when a Recycled Cycles rider got a late race preme and found herself with a gap from 4 laps to go. With one lap to go, she still had around 50 meters on the group, and was losing momentum, but I decided to take matters into my own hands and close it up. I caught her right before the second to last corner, and knew I had to just keep going. Slowing down would have given others a chance to jump around me for the sprint, so I kept on the gas, was first through the last corner, and finished first after a solid sprint!

So glad I got to wear that sweet ‘Derby Days Champion’ Jersey and pop bottles on the top step. Awesome day for Jocelyn and I.

by: Ivy Audrain

KR Women Win 2014 Ballard Criterium!

KR Women Win 2014 Ballard Criterium!

By: Ivy Audrain

On Saturday, June 7th, I won the Ballard Criterium, a hometown favorite that always brings out a lot of tough competition. With an incredible number of premes offered and a larger field size than usual, my teammates Kele Murdin, and former Ballard Crit Winner Jocelyn Setter, were eager and ready to animate the race and protect me for the finish. Kele’s shifter broke half-way through the race, leaving her in a monstrous gear, which she was happy to stay in and motor on the front to keep the pace high, while Jocelyn covered and responded to countless attacks. Complete chaos ensued in the last lap, and with one lap to go, but I surprisingly found my way to the front by the last corner, where the field sprint started and I was able to come away with the win, and ‘clean wheels’. Cheers to another successful Ballard Criterium, followed by an even more successful after party at our annual post-race Ballard Pizza Co food-smashing.

Mutual of Enumclaw Success!

Mutual of Enumclaw Success!

A rainy and slippery criterium and road race at the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race still resulted in two podiums for Ivy Audrain! A strong showing from several Canadian teams made for an aggressive and fast criterium, averaging almost 27mph in spite of the rainy conditions. The race leader soloed away with one lap to go, and Ivy won the field sprint for 2nd, coming very close to the leader at the line.
The road race brought countless attacks to form a selection each time up Mud Mountain. Ivy stayed active towards the front, making the selection each time, and finished 3rd in the field sprint. KR withstood a true race of attrition!

Tour of Walla Walla – A Stage Win and More!

by Ivy Audrain                             photo: Chris Shepley Photography


The Tour of Walla Walla! One of the best attended and toughest stage races in the Pacific Northwest! Although the Women’s field did not race the Friday Waitsburg road race this year, myself and stellar guest-rider Tamara Bessette were eager to make the most of our three stages.

After finishing 6th in the time trial and 47 second down from the leader, there was a ten second bonus for a stage two win up for grabs, which would put me into fifth overall. And how convenient, stage two was the fast and technical downtown criterium, right up Tam and I’s alley! I have had experience leading out superstar KR sprinter Jocelyn on this course before, so Tam and I knew that it needed to be fast with at least one lap to go…. and man did she make it fast. With one lap to go, when Tam hit the front, it was so unbelievably fast that only three other riders were able to match the acceleration, creating a gap to the rest of the field. It was perfectly executed, I won the sprint with plenty of room, and nabbed that ten second time bonus while Tamara was able to hold of the field and finish 4th. Did I mention she is my Mother? At 52 years old she produced an effort that shattered a category 1/2 field. A very emotional day and win for me, and for my own Mom to play such an integral role in such a huge win was an incredible feeling.

On to the road race! My mind is still numb from being in a 40 mile break that began on one of the steepest climbs on course. Six other riders, including the overall leader, worked hard to establish a gap that put us six minutes ahead of the field. I finished 5th on the day, and moved into 4th overall! Tamara attacked the chase group and after an astonishing solo 28 mile effort, finished just over a minute behind us, moving into 7th overall. Such an incredible effort.

A very successful Tour of Walla Walla in which KR showed depth in a really strong field! Thanks for reading!

Vance Creek — A hard fought 2nd place

Vance Creek! 6 laps of a 13-mile course with a ~3-4 minute-long finishing hill.  Colin Gibson (KR) and Carson Miller (Jamis) attacked the first time up the hill, had a 6-man chase group about 15 seconds behind the two of them for a few miles until they got caught by the bunch.  It rained a lot and we pedaled hard for two-and-a-half hours while our gap grew to 4:00.  We passed a bunch of HSP guys who had either flatted, mechanicled, or been dropped, which explained the lack of chase behind.  Colin G attack Carson through a farm road corner on the last lap and got a little gap, then he flatted.  Carson soloed in for the win while Colin rode a mis-matched wheel, but held off the heavily diminished field for 2nd.
After the race, Colin and Galen got Taco Time and Ginger Ale and watched a dad spill a liter of orange soda on his family.  Galen was immune to Colin’s peer pressure and bought two choco chip cookies like a good American.  

KR takes 2nd at Mason Lake #3

Amidst clear skies and balmy temps befitting the first weekend of spring, an impressive KR squadron pinned up for the third and final Mason Lake RR. With Colin, Galen and Kyle hunting the break, Ian and nick eyeing a sprint finish, Rad, Doug and Jamie adding some serious horsepower, and Ivy classing up the whole affair, the team was intent on a podium finish, despite the presence of a deep field of 50+.

Riding was aggressive from the gun, with Colin forging the early break with representatives from HSP and Garage. Despite a concerted chase from Audi and Bike Sale, Colin managed to keep his grouppo away until lap 4 of 6, allowing the rest of the team to comfortably tuck in and await the counter attacks.

Following the early catch, a brief but painful period of fireworks ensued on the tailwind rollers, with those fresh eager to re-establish a break. A lull going into the start finish for the final two laps saw Steve Fischer (Jelly Belly) and Dave Richter (HSP) slip off the front. They quickly built up a lead of 1:30 that held going into the final 12-mile loop.

Kyle and Galen, along with a dozen or so others, put in strong digs on the final accent of the course’s relatively shallow climb, though a stiff headwind effectively neutralized their efforts. Going into the final few Ks along the backside rollers, a few small groups get some daylight, though a monster turn from Kyle brought Nick and Colin back to the front of the peloton and in sight of the two leaders. Fischer and Richter were caught 2K from the line, and The sprint revved up down the final sweepers leading to the uphill dash to the line. Nick found himself well-positione, but an erratic finish and numerous fading efforts from those who misjudged the distance and grade resulted in a few non-optimal maneuvers in the closing meters. Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly) took the honors, with Nick finding enough daylight to take 2nd. Ian and Colin came through a dodgy sprint in the top 15 or so.

The team will look to go one better next week at the Independence Valley Road Race, the first official WSBA road race of the season.

Thanks for reading !