Men’s Team

image-1Nick Bennette

Top 3 Results:

1st, Washington State Criterium Championships, 2014

1st, Derby Days Criterium, 2014

1st, Seward Park Season Championship, 2014

Favorite Georgetown Beer:  Hmm…probably Lucille

Favorite Race:  Any long, hard crit with a short kicker.  All time favorite is the 2010 USA Crits edition in Washington, D.C. With the start/finish on Pennsylvania ave.  but Superweek is pretty great too.

Favorite Raleigh Bike:  Whichever one I’m currently riding.

First bike:  GT performer – BMX yo!


IVRR WinJamie Stangeland

Top 3 Results:

1st, GC, Tour of Walla Walla, 2011

1st, Marymoor Velodrome Overall, 2013

The only two time champion of the Bob’s Brown release chugging contest (2012, 2014)

Favorite Georgetown Beer: Lisa’s chocolate stout

Favorite Race: Tour of Walla Walla,

Favorite Raleigh Bike? The Vitamin R branded single speed

First bike: A silver Peugot BMX


Karl Cunningham ProfileKarl Cunningham

Top 3 Results:

1st, MVA Unknown distance race, July 11th, 2014

9th, Marymoor GP Points Race, 2014

4th, Green Valley Time Trial, 2011

Favorite Beer: Lucile IPA

Favorite Race: Tacoma Crit (HOMETOWN PRIDE!)

Favorite Raleigh: Militis! What else?

First Bike: Grey and Lime Geen Huffy BMX


fredsraceRob McDaniel

Top 3 results:

1st, State Elite Madison Championship, 2014

1st, State Masters Kilo Championship, 2014

2nd, State Masters Individual Pursuit Championship, 2014

Favorite Georgetown Beer: Lovely Reida!

Favorite Race: Friday nights at Marymoor!

Favorite Raleigh Bike: Militis!

First bike: Yamaha “Fat Cat” 80cc


kyle_tricycleKyle Farrell

Top 3 Results:

1st, Cascade Classic Stage Race, 2009 (Cat 2)

2nd, Seward Park Series, 2013

4th, State Championship RR, 2013

 Favorite Georgetown Beer:  Lucile IPA

Favorite Race:  Cherry Blossom Stage Race.  RIP.

Favorite Raleigh Bike: MXR 12.  Don’t tell Sawyer he’s getting one for Christmas.

First bike:  Mongoose BMX bike.  Extensively used to deliver newspapers up & down Squak Mountain, Issaquah.


peteboatstPete Groblewski

Top 3 Results:

1st- Gresham Crit, 2010

2nd- Redmond Derby Days Crit, 2012

3rd- Tacoma Twilight Crit, 2013

Favorite Georgetown Beer: Bob’s Brown Ale

Favorite Race: PDX Twilight Crit

Favorite Raleigh:  2012 RX1.0 converted to a singlespeed with BEER Eccentric BB

First Bike: Steel Basso with 8-speed 105 STI- repainted by HotTubes


128[1]Ronnie Schmeer

Top 3 results:

1st Tour of White Rock

1st Bisbee Criterium

4 stage wins at Tour of Willamette.

Favorite Georgetown Beer: Manny’s Pale Ale

Favorite Race: Oh, something hilly and bumpy, let’s say Shotgun Creek stage of Tour of Willamette.

Favorite Raleigh bike:  Toss-up between my CX Carbon Pro and Militis Carbon Race bike


MensherTrackNatsIan Mensher

Top 3 Results:

1st, Master National Champion Scratch Race, 2014

1st, Washington State Championship Road Race, 2012

1st, Washington State Championship Stage Race, 2010

Favorite Georgetown Beer: Lucille

Favorite Race: Georgetown Criterium

Favorite Raleigh Bike: Militis 4

First bike: Peugeot CPX-100


Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.13.07 AMJake MacAurthur




radRad Cunningham

Top 3 Results:

5th, Elite National Points Race, 2000, 2002

1st, Omnium, American Velodrome Challenge #2, 2001

1st, Marymoor Overall, 1999

Favorite Georgetown Beer: All of them

Favorite Race: Points Race at Marymoor Grand Prix

Favorite Raleigh Bike: Miliits!

First bike: 61 cm Vitus with Dura Ace down tube shifters. (I now ride 54 cm bikes)


dux Alec Duxbury

Top 3 Results: My best results all came during the 1990s: before kids were born and too long ago to matter today.

Favorite Georgetown Beer: Lucille. I don’t take her out often, but she is good company when I do.

Favorite race: Matsqui Rouubaix in BC. Has not run in decades I am sure; 10km loop (6km paved, 4km on a gravel river dike), repeat 12 times, windy, pancake flat, lots of attrition.

Favorite Raleigh bike: Militis–fine race tool and all day comfortable.

First bike: 20in wheel, coaster brake, one piece crank machine that jumped off ramps and dirt piles and wheelied until I broke it.


RogerBrownRoger Brown

Top 3 Results

1st, Everett Classic

1st, Horse Heaven Hills RR

2 Time Winner, Banana Belt Series

Favorite Georgetown Beer: 9LB Porter RIP

Favorite Race: Any race with a section of gravel/dirt/cobbles

Favorite Raleigh Bike: RXC

First bike:  Nikishi International


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